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This website is the online statistics consulting service page of 'babelian statistics consulting' company.
"babelian statistics consulting"
is a registered copany in sweden autorized by, bolagsverket.
We are a group of scientists with highly qualified education that would like to apply our knowledge in society. We are an exprienced group of statisticians, accounting and sociologist researchers.
  1. Our statisticians can consult you in three stage of statitics research such as sampling design, sumerizing data and analyzing data.
  2. Our finance consular can help you in organization finance improvement.
Our Experts:
  • Owner: Mehdi Zare, Master student in applied statistics in department of statistics. His interest is to apply statistics in science.
  • Technical Team organizer: Dr Hossein Riazoshams  has PhD of Applied statistics from University Putra Malaysia, and finished his Postdoc in March 2014 with Department of Statistics, Stockholm University Sweden. He have consulted more than 50 researcher in several areas of science including postgraduate students, research centers and organizations. He have a great experiance in computer programing specially statistical computing, as an evidence the current website is designed and program by himself. For more information about his research, published book and developed software visit his home page at  "I am ambitious to apply statistics in any area of science (he said)"
  • Finance and Accounting consular: Dr Saeid Homayoun. He have PhD in accounting from Luleo university of sweden. His research is in finance data study using co movements.

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