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Statistics for Reseachers

Different field of science that use statisics can be examplified as, sociology, medical sciences, management, biology, criminology, agriculture, quality control, animal science, information technology, and many more.

Researchers such as postgraduates, research centers can use our services in three stage of statistical surway, 1- Data collection (sampling design and data collection), 2- Summarizing Data (manual data coding, optical march readers, digital data collectors) 3-Statistical Data analysis and technical reporting.

  1. Collecting data contains two stage: (1) Sampling design: is used for designing a system to collect a portion of a large population in order to reduce cost, time and acheive appropiate precision. Sampling should be designed by accurate statistical methods to be able to approximate population parameters by a smaller size of data. It must be unbiase and reperesent the big population correctly. (2) Collecting data:Sa,mpling is designed to collect data with lower cost and higher precision, but it is not sufficient by itself. Field collection of data requires interviewer training, physical contact with participants. Sampling and collecting data can be online forms and by email as well.
  2. Summarizing data or editing stage data indicating the process to coding and organizing data in a standard database format to be able to used by statistics software. In traditional way the collected data could be read by Optical Mark Readers (OMR) software from standard designed questionaires. And in electronic way can be collected from several sources and databases. In this stage the data imputation can be applied to correct the missing data.
  3. Statistical analysis: is used to constract usefull information from the data, by inference and modeling the data. This is the most technical part of statics that require suitable mathematical technique to be used.
For using our services you can fill up the Consulting form here. For guide about how to use our services visit our Help  page.

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