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Statistics for Organizations.

Government and private organizations can benefit from our services such as designing sampling, collecting data or surwey, editing data, booklet, virtual or visual reporting, and data analysis.

  • Designing sampling: is used to increase the accuracy and reduce cost.
  • Sampling and surway is a costy stage. We can perfomr the sampling stage, or surwey projects for your organization in a scientific way. The data can be collected manually, by questionairs or electronically.
  • Collected data by any ,methods such as a traditional way by questionairs fill up by hand writing, to modern stages using online questionairs, needs coding and standardizing. After all these the data needs editing and create bugs free database to be applicable for next stage. They might need imputation to resolve the non answered or null answeres. We have experts in robust statistics to resolve the outlier problem in data.
  • We can provide reports in small or large size of scale precisely and in a short time using SPSS and pythone programing codes.
  • We can prowide visual presentation of data in your organization website.
  • Visual presentation of your data by Graphs and Dynamic graphs are modern aspect of statistical reporting, that you can benefit from get from our services.
  • Automatic mail reporting can made your work more economic and precise, which we can provide services to your organization as well.
  • Data analysis using advanced statistic techniques are another services that you can use.

Firm evaluation is another services that you can get from our services. Evaluating can be done by many statistical techniques, for example Factor Analysis, and cluster analysis.


For using our services you can fill up the Consulting form here. For guide about how to use our services visit our Help  page.

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