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Consulting Service Payement

How to use our services?

Consulting services can be accessed from the "Consulting" menue above. A research project might have some of the following stages.

  1. Register your project: You can defined your project in consulting page here .

  2. Check Status: You can check your project in "Consting/Check Status" page here .

  3. Assigning Consular: Then we find a consular expert in your area.

  4. Consuler comment: Our consular will give first comments and propose a price. He/She will reply to you and you can see the reply in "Check Status" page. The reply will be send to your email also, but all contacts are available in status page.

  5. Defining Procedures: Depending on the job, the procedure and contract will be defined. A research can be a small data analysis to a very big and long time research. Your project might include data collection, data entries, data analysis, data system designing for your organization, system analyst or a Mathematical Study. For this reason a well organized procedure might be needed.

  6. Payements: If the service promoting is satisfactory for you, we can proceed to fully or partially payement and further steps.

  7. Report: Usually there will be several meeting between consular and consultees for discussing results and remedies to acheive appropriate result. Then the report will be provided.

  8. Certification: We can provide certificate of the job if required, for this reason if you need, a consular with higher level of education will read and check results, if necessary the work will be return back to consular as much as needed, and the job will certify. This stage requires extra fees.

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